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On behalf of My Colleagues on the Village Council, and the citizens of Bath it is my pleasure to welcome you the our website.

The community of Bath has a population of approximately 500 people, and is located in the western part of the Province along the Saint John river. The Saint John river has often been called the Rhine of North America, and in one of reasons that the Province of New Brunswick is referred to as the “Picture Province”. Bath and the surrounding region is also known by as the “Monquart”, which is a river which flows on the north end of the Village limits.  Some say there are two types of people in the world, those who live in the “Monquart” and those who want to live in the “Monquart”!

The local region is made up of agriculture and forestry, giving the community a distinctive rural character. The region is also known for its work hard and play hard motto. Indeed, three of Canada’s order of Canada recipients originate from Bath. You will find many warm and friendly people in the area who are proud to call this home and are glad to welcome you to our down home hospitality.
Our Council and staff work diligently to ensure that our community is a great place to  live, work, and play. We strive to maintain an open door policy while enhancing our priority of servicing our community in an efficient and professional manner.

Please feel free to e-mail the Village Office with your comments.

Michael Allen,

Village of Bath


Telephone: (506) 278-5293
Fax: (506) 278-5932


161 School Street
Bath, NB
E7J 1C3

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